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Friday, April 3rd, 2009
4:52 pm - FMA:Brotherhood

So, who wants to resurrect chat next week when Funi streams the first ep of FMA Brotherhood on their website?

For the sake of tradition, we can still call the room FMAdub, even if it's more like FMA2subspazzfest. Until a decision is made otherwise. *ponders* Better yet, name it FMAbrotherhood.


I think it's on the 9th. I need to verify the time the ep will be available, but... Yes?

And if people find a way to watch the episode even sooner by some other means, no hating, and at least ~I~ won't force you to keep your mouth shut about what's going to happen next. (Because it looks like some other first ep villain is going to show up instead of a Lior-Cornello-Roze deal that went on in the first anime as well as the manga.)

Possible manga spoilers in the chat. I'm making no promises here.

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Tuesday, July 15th, 2008
12:13 am

It's been a while, yeah.

I know. I'm aware.

But you know what?


And after so long there are bound to be tons of things we can say to catch up with each other.

So, I propose this:


We'll pick a date and time that works for people.

We just want you there.

What do you say?

Once more, for old time's sake?

Posted on Jul. 15th, 2008 at 12:

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Tuesday, December 4th, 2007
6:03 am - I promised to pimp! (selling stuff on ebay)

My friend is clearing out alot of stuff on ebay.


She's selling:
FMA plushies and doujinshi.
Final Fantasy doujinshi.
Death Note doujinshi.
Hellsin doujinshi.
Inu Yasha plushies.
RG Veda CLAMP artbook.
Rei Ayanami plushie.

Aaaand. I think that's everything. I could be wrong.


yes, cross posted to places.

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Thursday, October 11th, 2007
9:54 am - Hellcon.com renewal up.

Hellcon.com's renewal is up, both the domain and the site space due in just under 30 days. The site space is something like $30/year, and I'm not sure how much the domain is (the current domain holder wants about $20, but I think I can find a cheaper place for it).

Anyone interested in mailing me three or five bucks, for old time's sake? I very much don't want to let the domain name lapse and get snatched by some squatter. And hey, if we could figure out something to /do/ with it, I'm up for that to.

I have a paypal, maybe we could use that if anyone's interested. Let me know, please.

October 30th, 2007.

This message is getting copy-pasted into the most recent entry I can access for everyone I know who is in the fmadub or hellcon lj communities.

Hellcon.com's renewal is up. Green and I have already put down the money to keep the domain for another year. The site space renewal is either $30 or $40 (not sure which they're charging yet).
-- We can keep the site space, in which case I would hope that two or three people would be willing to send me $5, and we can /do/ something there, or,
-- We can just have the .com redirect to a single page at my own site that explains why there's no real site anymore.

Hopefully I'll get a good tally of votes before next Monday (nov 5th). Please drop on by : http://sannask.livejournal.com/651773.html : and speak up. Thank you very much.

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Thursday, July 12th, 2007
6:17 pm - REVIVAL, PLZ.



don't you guys miss the crack?

the good times?

the amazingness?

don't ya'll miss how close we were before FMA ended?

whatever happened to us?

I propose ... a revival. Yes. I know. It's been attempted before. But seriously, guys. That message on hellcon.com's homepage scares me. We used to have AMAZING times in Hellcon, and we all used to have fun ... with the occasional drama, but that was fairly minimal.

We also have new members (GUYS, SAY HELLO TO ALBERTO AND PANTS) who really would like an oppertunity to know more about Hellcon.


Flying Mantises Ahoy, Bub!

I propose a REVIVAL.

Friday, July 13th, at say .... 10PM EST. In the normal FMAdub Chat. I'd REALLY like to see this thing revived, and even induct new members. It's too wonderful to end. :D And I know there are some who agree with me.


Posted in hellcon and fmadub_chat

current mood: optimistic

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Wednesday, December 13th, 2006
12:51 pm - The Smell Question!

Hey! That's *our* question!

And I think I liked the VA's answers better. ~_^

current mood: amused

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Thursday, November 30th, 2006
6:55 pm - WTF!Crack!
_secretpassion_ So Taco and I are crazy. We already knew this though. This is our chat transcript from yesterday.

Can you keep up with the name changes?Collapse )

X-Posted to hellcon and fmadub_chat

current mood: silly

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Tuesday, November 7th, 2006
8:53 pm - IRC color codes! =D

Zra wants to be helpful!

Zra shall now instruct you all in how to have COLORED TEXT for IRC.

Mind you, if you use trillian, you can probably make it use your AIM color setting override the default colors of the IRC part of trillian.

But on with the lesson!

Colors have assigned numbers.
0 = white
1 = black
2 = dark blue
3 = dark green
4 = red
5 = brown
6 = purple
7 = orange
9 = lime/bright green
10 = dark cyan
11 = cyan
12 = bright blue
13 = pink
14 = gray
15 = lighe gray

If there's more colors than those, then I don't know them or how to access them.

How to USE those numbers:
press AT THE SAME TIME: ctrl+K
(Sort of how you press ctrl+alt+del twice to reset windows, or alt+z to undo in most programs)
If you do it right, a little square thing should appear in your text box.
RIGHT next to that box, type the number of the color you want.

After that, just type normally.

So: ctrl+k12 becomes "[]12 blah blah" in your text box, and then blah blah when you send it.

ctrl+k 12,14words here

First number is the text color, second number is teh background color. NO SPACING BETWEEN NUMBERS AND COMMAS!

Hellcon color code: 4,8

ANd here's some other nifty codes:
ctrl+B = bold
ctrl+I = italic
ctrl+U = underline

You have to use the code to turn bold/etc both on AND off when done.


And if I don't make sense, sorry. I've never been the best at explanations off the top of my head.

How to set default color of Trillian.
Go to Trillian --> Trillian options --> Text Conversations.
Edit your colors.
MARK OFF THE BOX UNDER SAMPLE WINDOW. Or else trillian won't override all messages you send with the color you chose. =D

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Sunday, November 5th, 2006
10:03 pm - This just in: Nicky Hilton and Kevin Connolly split up.

Nicky Hilton and Kevin Connolly split up.

Kevin! You've been cheating on your loyal fangirls with a tall and leggy blond. Tsk tsk tsk.

Altho in that picture, he almost looks like Fuery....

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Wednesday, October 4th, 2006
9:16 pm - y arnt joo in teh chat??

[21:12] < Greenseh> don't you guys [in Canada] get like, free healthcare?
[21:12] < Jiah> For the most part
[21:12] < Greenseh> that's awesome, I wish we had that
[21:12] < Jiah> Move up here
[21:12] < Jiah> Then you'll get it
[21:12] < Greenseh> XD how long till I become a citizen?
[21:12] < Jiah> Uuuh
[21:12] < Greenseh> O.o is there a test?
[21:12] < Jiah> Yeah
[21:13] < Greenseh> nuts
[21:13] < Jiah> It's not hard, though
[21:13] < Greenseh> >.>
[21:13] < Greenseh> not hard for you...
[21:13] < Jiah> You just need to get a really good score for memorizing a bunch of shit I probably don't even know
[21:13] < SannaSK> you have to learn all the words to the canadian national anthem. this is considered impossible, as there are no known words beyond "o canada"
[21:13] < Greenseh> XD the US citizen test wouldn't be hard for ME
[21:13] < SannaSK> the rest of the song is sung with "da da da da da daaa...."
[21:13] < Greenseh> XDDD
[21:13] < Greenseh> SANNA YOU ARE MADE OF WIN
[21:13] < Chels> I know the words to the Canadian national anthem >>
[21:14] < Chels> <<;
[21:14] < Greenseh> XDD Jiah knows it in two languages
[21:14] < Jiah> Ya i do


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6:56 pm - Kevin M Connolly's Demo, online!

WE LURVE KEVIN! So I figure this might be of interest to some of us.

Kevin's demo, online at lambertstudios.net

and in a excessive display of "wtf do i really sound that awful" force... the girl in the "Ethan Allen" and "Vegas" clips.... that's me. omg do i really sound like that?

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Saturday, September 30th, 2006
1:20 am - Travis Unplugged

In case others area like me and didn't see the original post on fm_alchemist


*makes sure the Hellconners get it too!*

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Saturday, September 9th, 2006
11:51 pm - Trinity Blood and Bleach, episode 1

So the IRC server had Issues with a capital I. Xelium knows about it, and it won't happen again.

Trinity Blood and Bleach, episode 1!

What'd you all think!

(PS: Did Kon just call himself 'cone'? As in, ice cream cone????)

from the irc chat:
[Chels] So, I think we need to find a way to bottle Troy Baker's voice, because we'd make a fortune selling pure sex in a bottle.

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Friday, September 8th, 2006
11:03 am - Guess what tomorrow is!

That's right, tomorrow is the TELEVISION PREMIERE of Trinity Blood and Bleach on Cartoon Network's Adult Swim.

Trinity Blood ep 1, midnight eastern / 11 pm central.
Bleach ep 1, 12:30 eastern / 11:30 central.

The block will be preceeded by Shin Chan ep 6.

Let us gather in the Hellcon irc chat, reachable at either Hellcon.com's java interface or via your fav irc client, at #hellcon@irc.xelium.net.

Our very own Mike McFarland has directed Trinity Blood, so you all shall watch it! And we can leave Mike many comments of lurve ^___^

SO! We shall all be here, yes? Yes, we shall. And there shall be craique. And caake. There is always caake.

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Tuesday, August 29th, 2006
8:59 pm - Our official stance on aquisition of caake

Hellcon officially discourages stealing as a method of gaining caake.

It is far better to instead enter the Java IRC Chat, #hellcon@irc.xelium.net in order to consume caake with friends.


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Saturday, August 5th, 2006
4:32 pm - Movie watching and cosplay gathering

In 3 weeks the FMA movie will be shown in select theaters around the country. Which I'm going to go to. In costume. (Movie!Al to be precise.)

The great thing is, I live in one of the few cities that has a theater that's showing it, and I'm right smack in the middle of the midwest, a mere 3 hour (give or take) drive from Chicago, Detroit, Indianapolis, Columbus, and Cincinnati, making it an excellent location for a gathering of like minded people.

What: Dubbed FMA movie watching in theater.

Where: Fort Wayne Carmike 20 theater
3930 East Dupont Road
Fort Wayne, IN 46825

When: Saturday August 26th at 2 pm

This is when I'm going, and if others want to go at the same time and same place, that'd be awesome. There's a million restaurants in this city (the largest amount 'per capita' in the country apparantly) so I'll probably go out to eat with friends as well.

Carmike has a HUGE canopied outside walk area as well as a huge lobby too. It's the newest theatre in my town, only a year old, and it's RIGHT off I-69 so long as you follow driving directions accurately, you won't get lost.

I'm not hosting any activities or anything, just offering a place to go if you want to go in cosplay and not be alone while doing it.

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Wednesday, July 26th, 2006
11:38 pm - LJ will hate this post.

yet another chatscript from irc. /nicking is far too much fun ^___^

ok so. Pasta came in, asked what the point was. we said, "it's like the aim chat, except you can change your name!"
and to display, i became... the Government. And went hunting for Superman's pants. Because I EAT Superman's pants.
For breakfast.
Anyway, suddenly I looked over and... I had a lackey! And that's more or less (slightly less, actually) where this started.

I really gotta find a way to C+P out of the java client betterCollapse )

best lines from the whole thing?

< Edward_Elric> Who or what's a superman??
< Government> like you, only taller.

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Tuesday, July 25th, 2006
11:00 pm - TrinB + Bleach info dump!

HOKAI. Here's the site. Chillin. Damn that's a sweet site.

.....first person to say 'wrong' gets it X D.

Hellcon needs info. We need series summaries. Fill in the blank: "Bleach is the story of..." We need short (3-5 sentence) character descriptions: "Father Abel Nightroad is a priest who..." We need good clear head-n-shoulder shots of all the main characters, esp from TrinB, either screenshots or official artwork (no fanart of course).

Abel Nightroad
Pope Alessandro XVIII
Jessica Langston
Elise Wasmeyer
Father Tres Iques
Sister Esther Blanchette
Sister Kate Scott
William Walter Wordsworth

um, pick anybody. just start. X D this char list is huge o_0

also, any /good/ mass-info fansites you guys can dig up... all i know is bleach7 and bleachportal.

TrinB has to have some kind of online presence, or else AS wouldn't be putting it on TV. Let's find it, link it, and be it X D D D.

So, anyone who has wanted to help Hellcon and been waiting for the opportunity... here's one. Take it, run with it. We have seven weekends until TB/B starts airing. That's plenty of time, but only if we start now.

Post summaries, writeups, episode critiques, links to screenshots, anything, in the comments. Thanks!

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Monday, July 24th, 2006
1:49 pm - More crack! :D!

So...ahhh...Teh Jeva is in da chat, ya'll~ :D

Randomness!Collapse )

*feels so loved, whut*

But yeah...since I'm apparently back with how things are going now in Hellcon...uh...if anyone needs any help or whatnot...feel free to poke at me. >.>;; Um...

...feeling kind of useless here~ :D;;;

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1:13 pm - Trinity Blood to air on CN/AS this fall.

According to AnimeInsider.net's release of AdultSwim's 2006 2nd Half Plan, Bleach and Trinity Blood will be airing this fall, beginning September 9th. Bleach will air at 11:30pm Eastern / 10:30 pm Central, and Trinity Blood at midnight Eastern / 11pm Central.

I, for one, hope to keep up with the Bleach dub better than I (haven't) kept up with the Naruto dub. I'm uncertain if Hellcon should attempt to 'absorb' Bleach; its cast list is gonna make FMA's look like Hoshi no Koe.

However, Trinity Blood was directed by our own Mike McFarland (who, God bless him, needs a better bio written; any takers?), and Abel is voiced by the unbelievably smexy must remember he's married Troy Baker (Archer anyone?).

Therefore, I would srsly push to have 'Trinity Blood dub chats' this fall. Even if we don't get VAs in every single week, we should at least get together, hang out, bring in new fans of the dub, make new friends, and basically have a fun time like we did for the last two years ^_^. I'll bring the CAAKE if you all can bring the icing!

aaaaaaaaand because Sanna forgot that this hasn't been announced yet...

The #hellcon @ irc.xelium.net java-irc client is now up and running! Come join us for craique and caake!

Name registration is not necessary just to drop in and chat... by tomorrow, I'll have time to copy over the text on how to register your nick.

Of course, if you have an irc client you prefer, by all means... come any way you like, just come!

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