The Glass Sword (sannask) wrote in hellcon,
The Glass Sword

Guess what tomorrow is!

That's right, tomorrow is the TELEVISION PREMIERE of Trinity Blood and Bleach on Cartoon Network's Adult Swim.

Trinity Blood ep 1, midnight eastern / 11 pm central.
Bleach ep 1, 12:30 eastern / 11:30 central.

The block will be preceeded by Shin Chan ep 6.

Let us gather in the Hellcon irc chat, reachable at either's java interface or via your fav irc client, at

Our very own Mike McFarland has directed Trinity Blood, so you all shall watch it! And we can leave Mike many comments of lurve ^___^

SO! We shall all be here, yes? Yes, we shall. And there shall be craique. And caake. There is always caake.
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