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IRC color codes! =D

Zra wants to be helpful!

Zra shall now instruct you all in how to have COLORED TEXT for IRC.

Mind you, if you use trillian, you can probably make it use your AIM color setting override the default colors of the IRC part of trillian.

But on with the lesson!

Colors have assigned numbers.
0 = white
1 = black
2 = dark blue
3 = dark green
4 = red
5 = brown
6 = purple
7 = orange
9 = lime/bright green
10 = dark cyan
11 = cyan
12 = bright blue
13 = pink
14 = gray
15 = lighe gray

If there's more colors than those, then I don't know them or how to access them.

How to USE those numbers:
press AT THE SAME TIME: ctrl+K
(Sort of how you press ctrl+alt+del twice to reset windows, or alt+z to undo in most programs)
If you do it right, a little square thing should appear in your text box.
RIGHT next to that box, type the number of the color you want.

After that, just type normally.

So: ctrl+k12 becomes "[]12 blah blah" in your text box, and then blah blah when you send it.

ctrl+k 12,14words here

First number is the text color, second number is teh background color. NO SPACING BETWEEN NUMBERS AND COMMAS!

Hellcon color code: 4,8

ANd here's some other nifty codes:
ctrl+B = bold
ctrl+I = italic
ctrl+U = underline

You have to use the code to turn bold/etc both on AND off when done.


And if I don't make sense, sorry. I've never been the best at explanations off the top of my head.

How to set default color of Trillian.
Go to Trillian --> Trillian options --> Text Conversations.
Edit your colors.
MARK OFF THE BOX UNDER SAMPLE WINDOW. Or else trillian won't override all messages you send with the color you chose. =D
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As a note, however, some IRC clients have been known to start fritzing when colors are used.
I am coding an irc bot which communicates with the server via
raw sockets. This means i have to learn all about IRC protocol
on the client+server level instead of on top of whatever client.

How do colors work in the actual IRC protocol? I tried unicode,
and that didn't work. I think it might have something to do
with what's inside of that little square, but i can't understand
how that translates into an escape code or data or anything.
no clue. THis post is 5 years old and was based on using plain old mIRC program. I didn't program a thing, I just used the command codes it already used. Never did a think with bots, just plain old chatting. Which I haven't done for like 5 years with mIRC. Memory go poof.