The Glass Sword (sannask) wrote in hellcon,
The Glass Sword
hellcon renewal up.'s renewal is up, both the domain and the site space due in just under 30 days. The site space is something like $30/year, and I'm not sure how much the domain is (the current domain holder wants about $20, but I think I can find a cheaper place for it).

Anyone interested in mailing me three or five bucks, for old time's sake? I very much don't want to let the domain name lapse and get snatched by some squatter. And hey, if we could figure out something to /do/ with it, I'm up for that to.

I have a paypal, maybe we could use that if anyone's interested. Let me know, please.

October 30th, 2007.

This message is getting copy-pasted into the most recent entry I can access for everyone I know who is in the fmadub or hellcon lj communities.'s renewal is up. Green and I have already put down the money to keep the domain for another year. The site space renewal is either $30 or $40 (not sure which they're charging yet).
-- We can keep the site space, in which case I would hope that two or three people would be willing to send me $5, and we can /do/ something there, or,
-- We can just have the .com redirect to a single page at my own site that explains why there's no real site anymore.

Hopefully I'll get a good tally of votes before next Monday (nov 5th). Please drop on by : : and speak up. Thank you very much.
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