The Glass Sword (sannask) wrote in hellcon,
The Glass Sword

Trinity Blood to air on CN/AS this fall.

According to's release of AdultSwim's 2006 2nd Half Plan, Bleach and Trinity Blood will be airing this fall, beginning September 9th. Bleach will air at 11:30pm Eastern / 10:30 pm Central, and Trinity Blood at midnight Eastern / 11pm Central.

I, for one, hope to keep up with the Bleach dub better than I (haven't) kept up with the Naruto dub. I'm uncertain if Hellcon should attempt to 'absorb' Bleach; its cast list is gonna make FMA's look like Hoshi no Koe.

However, Trinity Blood was directed by our own Mike McFarland (who, God bless him, needs a better bio written; any takers?), and Abel is voiced by the unbelievably smexy must remember he's married Troy Baker (Archer anyone?).

Therefore, I would srsly push to have 'Trinity Blood dub chats' this fall. Even if we don't get VAs in every single week, we should at least get together, hang out, bring in new fans of the dub, make new friends, and basically have a fun time like we did for the last two years ^_^. I'll bring the CAAKE if you all can bring the icing!

aaaaaaaaand because Sanna forgot that this hasn't been announced yet...

The #hellcon @ java-irc client is now up and running! Come join us for craique and caake!

Name registration is not necessary just to drop in and chat... by tomorrow, I'll have time to copy over the text on how to register your nick.

Of course, if you have an irc client you prefer, by all means... come any way you like, just come!
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Hey Sanna. For the Bleach dub, these are the people who are listed on

Ichigo - Johnny Yong Bosch
Rukia - Michelle Ruff
Ishida - Derek Stephen Princee
Orihime - Stephanie Sheh
Karin - Kate Higgins
Isshin - Patrick Seitz
Tatsuki - Wendee Lee
I think having some of these folks in would be nice. I can get in touch with Johnny pretty easily and I've already contacted Kate and Stephanie.

It's got an air time close to FMAs so it should work out pretty well.
Steph is pretty familiar with IRC, since that's where I usually chat with her.

I'm really excited about Bleach, I think it'd be great fun to watch it together with everyone!
If needed, I can see if I can talk to Johnny Bosch about it next month...? He's gonna be at a local con I'm attending. :B
XD an awesome cast. Now I need to DL IRC again. XDDDD
Well... you don't /have/ to. X D D D D

ummmm hi i totally forgot to link that in the comm. *goes to fix*
I'm all for us "adopting" both Bleach *and* Tri-blood! Bleach has an outstanding cast, and, well, Tri-blood is a Mike project, and it would be a bit like old times.
this is true. i'd love to pick up Bleach, of course... I was just anticipating a Naruto'd response.

But since Bleach won't be aimed at children, I think it would fare better for us anyway.