The Glass Sword (sannask) wrote in hellcon,
The Glass Sword

TrinB + Bleach info dump!

HOKAI. Here's the site. Chillin. Damn that's a sweet site.

.....first person to say 'wrong' gets it X D.

Hellcon needs info. We need series summaries. Fill in the blank: "Bleach is the story of..." We need short (3-5 sentence) character descriptions: "Father Abel Nightroad is a priest who..." We need good clear head-n-shoulder shots of all the main characters, esp from TrinB, either screenshots or official artwork (no fanart of course).

Abel Nightroad
Pope Alessandro XVIII
Jessica Langston
Elise Wasmeyer
Father Tres Iques
Sister Esther Blanchette
Sister Kate Scott
William Walter Wordsworth

um, pick anybody. just start. X D this char list is huge o_0

also, any /good/ mass-info fansites you guys can dig up... all i know is bleach7 and bleachportal.

TrinB has to have some kind of online presence, or else AS wouldn't be putting it on TV. Let's find it, link it, and be it X D D D.

So, anyone who has wanted to help Hellcon and been waiting for the opportunity... here's one. Take it, run with it. We have seven weekends until TB/B starts airing. That's plenty of time, but only if we start now.

Post summaries, writeups, episode critiques, links to screenshots, anything, in the comments. Thanks!
Tags: anime-series, modpost, site
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