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Welcome to Hellcon, sir.

Located in Vic's <s>Basement</s> Garage

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All Members , Moderated
This is the comm for Hellcon! JOIN! BRING CAAKE! We like caake. Yes.

Useful Hellcon Links !
#hellcon @ irc.xelium.net - java interface

Hellcon @ UrbanDictionary.com

13, 37, 600, a-kon, adultswim, alts, amike to that, anime, anime expo, anime north, animenext, ax, bats, bleach, bub, caaaaake, caitlin glass, canadians, capslock, chowdah, chris patton, chris sabat, civil war, comics, cons, conventions, cosplay, crack, crack otps, cracksins, craque, da moose, disney, dubbing, dubs, elizabeth hitley, farfignoogen, fmabub, fmadub, friends, froheinheim, frohopapa, full metal alchemist, fullmetal alchemist, good times, greenspeak, hellcon, hitler dies, hohopapa, hughes is at disney, hulk smaaash, in da faise, karaoke, kevin is awesome, kevin m. connolly, kodocha, kyle hebert, lemons, lightbulb!envy, lion-o's, logan, manga, mike mcfarland, mikism, munich, naruto, orly, otakon, otp, ouran koukou host club, palmtree!envy, pizza = sex, planet fullmetal, pocky, red sux, samuel l. jackson, sauce gay, sex = pizza, shashuke, shpadoinkle, skype, snakes on a plane, spam, srsly, stonewall jackson, supes, t-cubed, t-cubed + 1, teh hat, teh questions, throws mike at it, travis willingham, urmom, vic mignogna, videogames, voice actors, wankees, whiskey tango foxtrot, willingham sandwich, wolverine, yarly, zeppelins, zeppwhat?!